Miles Davis / Amandla (US, Warner Bros. Records, 9 25873-1) <May 18, 1989>


(1) 1-25873-A-SH1 〇B-34926-SH1 △24631 TML-X 1-1
(2) 1-25873-B-SH1 〇B-34927-SH1 △24631-X TML-X 1-1

"Amandla" (a word in several Nguni languages, including Zulu and Xhosa, meaning "power") is an album by jazz musician Miles Davis, released in 1989. It is the third collaboration between Miles Davis and producer/bassist Marcus Miller, after Tutu (1986) and Music from Siesta (1987), and their final album together. The album mixes elements of the genres go-go, zouk, funk and jazz, combining electronic instruments with live musicians. The composition "Mr. Pastorius", featuring drummer Al Foster, is a tribute to late jazz bassist Jaco Pastorius. "Catémbe" is a Mozambican and Angolan cocktail of red wine and cola.