Eric Clapton / Clapton (US, Polydor, PD 5526) <1973>


Eric Clapton / Clapton (US, Polydor, PD 5526) <1973>
(SIDE 1) PD-5526-A-1D
(SIDE 2) PD-5526-B-1D

"Clapton" is a 1973 compilation album of Eric Clapton's early solo work. It was the second of two such compilations that Polydor Records would issue; the first, Eric Clapton at His Best, was released in late 1972.

Although available in other territories as well, Clapton was largely released to address the North American market, in order for Polydor to leverage Clapton's back catalog as, prior to 1972, Polydor had licensed Clapton's recordings to Atco/Atlantic Records for North American distribution. Now out of print, Clapton, available during the years 1973-76, is one of the rarer titles in Clapton's catalog.

The album contains songs from Clapton's eponymous 1970 album, and from the lone studio album by Clapton's 1970-71 band Derek and the Dominos, Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs (1970).

1973年のコンピレーション。1970年のデビュー・ソロ"Eric Clapton"以降に発表したレコードからのコンピ。とは言え、出したのはDerek and the Dominosとして出した2枚(しかも1枚はドミノス解散の遥か後に発表されたライヴ盤)だけという状況なので、なんでこんなものがリリースされたのかよく分かりません。