Lou Donaldson / Possum Head (US, Argo, LP-734) <1964>


Lou Donaldson / Possum Head (US, Argo, LP-734) <1964>
(Side 1) R4RM-3480-1D LP-734 S-1 13000
(Side 2) R4RM-3481-1 LP-734 S-2 13001

Lou Donaldson - alto saxophone
Bill Hardman - trumpet
Ray Crawford - guitar
Big John Patton - organ
Ben Dixon - drums
Cleopas "Mopedido" Morris - percussion

Recorded January 28, 1964

"Signifyin'"(1963)と"Cole Slaw"(1964)の名盤の間に発表された、同系統のラテン色を帯びた朗らかな作品で、やっぱ名盤です。


"Possum Head" is an album by jazz saxophonist Lou Donaldson recorded for the Argo label in 1964 and performed by Donaldson with trumpeter Bill Hardman, organist “Big” John Patton, guitarist Ray Crawford, drummer Ben Dixon and percussionist Cleopas Morris.

The album was awarded 4 stars in an Allmusic review by Jason Ankeny who states "Patton's sublimely funky grooves effectively sand away Donaldson's wooden edges to create rolling melodic contours... Donaldson circles around the hard-driving soul-jazz sensibilities of his later records but never quite commits, instead favoring lyrical solos well-matched to standards... An engaging and underrated record".