Koinonia / More Than A Feelin' (CD, 輸入盤, 2010年)


1st. album was originally released in 1983.
This re-issued edition was out in 2010.
(“All The Best” Box Set includes all 4 albums+2 live DVDs)

Produced and Engineered by Bill Schnee
Recorded at Bill Schnee Studios, North Hollywood, CA
Assistant Engineers : David Schober, Jack Puig, Dan Garcia
Recorded the week of January 31, 1983

Art Direction and Design by Dan Lienart
Photography by David Randle

Band :
Abraham Laboriel (Bass, Vocals on 5, 6)
Alex Acuña (Drums on 2, 5, 7, Percussion)
Hadley Hockensmith (Guitars, Vocals on 6)
Bill Maxwell (Drums on 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, Percussion, Vocals on 6)
Dean Parks (Guitars)
John Phillips (Woodwinds)
Harlan Rogers (Keyboards, Vocals on 5, 6)

Guests :
Justo Almario (Woodwinds)
Michael Omartian (Synthesizers, Synthesizer Programming)
Tom Keane (Synthesizer Programming)
Russ Taff (Vocals on 5, 6)

Track list :
1. More Than A Feelin' (Hadley Hockensmith)
2. Rescue (Dean Parks)
3. Graceful (Abraham Laboriel)
4. Cuando (Abraham Laboriel)
5. Divina (Abraham Laboriel)
6. Give Your Love (Abraham Laboriel, Lyn Laboriel)
7. Valentine (Dean Parks)
8. Funky Bumpkins (Harlan Rogers)
9. On My Way Home (Harlan Rogers)