The Sons / The Sons (Vinyl, アメリカ盤, 1969年)


2nd. album was released by Capitol Records in October, 1969.

Produced by John Palladino
Recorded at Capitol Records Studios, Los Angels, California

Photography by Ivan Nagy Camera 5

Band :
・Bill Champlin (Lead Vocals on <Side 1> 1, 3, <Side 2> 4, Background Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars)
・Terry Haggerty (Guitars, Lead Vocals on <Side 1> 2)
・Geoff Palmer (Keyboards, Saxophone, Lead Vocals on <Side 2> 3, Background Vocals)
・Tim Cain (Saxophone, Lead Vocals on <Side 2> 1, 2)
・Jim Beem (Trumpet)
・Al Strong (Bass)
・Bill Bowen (Drums)

Track list :
<Side 1>
1. Love Of A Woman (B. Champlin)
2. Terry’s Tune (T. Haggerty)
3. Boomp Boomp Chop (B. Champlin)
<Side 2>
1. Why Do People Run From The Rain? (T. Cain)
2. It’s Time (T. Cain)
3. Country Girl (G. Palmer)
4. You Can Fly (B. Champlin)