TOBB / Overrated (ボートラ付CD, 日本盤, 2021年)


2nd studio album was digitally released on April 15, 2021.

Limited physical CD was originally issued by Kurder King Records in May, 2021.
This CD with 1 bonus track was dropped by P-Vine Records in Japan on July 28, 2021.

Produced by Javed Kurd
Co-Produced by Trond Nagell Dahl
Arranged by Javed Kurd and Trond Nagell Dahl
Horn Arrangements by Trond Nagell Dahl, Javed Kurd and Rune Haglund
Strings Arrangement on 3 by Espen Ramsli Fredriksen
Recorded at NagellStudio and Kurder King Studios by Trond Nagell Dahl and Javed Kurd
Mixed and Mastered at Kurder King Studios by Javed Kurd

Cover Art and CD Design by Atle Kold Hansen
Band Footage by Jan Tore Overstad

Band :
* Frode Vassel (Lead Vocals)
* Javed Kurd (Guitar, Vocals)
* Trond Nagell Dahl (Keyboards, Vocals)
* Lars Endrerud (Bass, Vocals)
* Erik Smith (Drums)
* Rune Haglund (Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Vocals)
* Ola Welo (Saxophone)
* Tarjei Grimsby (Trombone)
Guest Musicians:
* Steinar Borvik (Saxophone on 1, 5, 9)
* Madeleine Ossum (Strings on 3)
* Nicolai Herwell (Additional Synth Programming on 3)

Track list :
1. Lighthouse (J. Kurd, N. Dahl, Aass)
2. Sexually Overrated (Solem, J. Kurd, N. Dahl)
3. Out Of Control (Herwell, J. Kurd, Djupvik, Fredriksen, Knutson, Ruset, Hoegh)
4. Yesterday’s News (J. Kurd, F. Vassel, N. Dahl)
5. Saviour (Hilde Heltberg, Kari Iveland)
6. Running Scared (Kershaw)
7. 5 Cups Of Coffee (Rake, J. Kurd, N. Dahl, Aass)
8. I’m Sorry (J. Kurd)
9. First Impression (Solem, N. Dahl, Aass, J. Kurd)
Bonus track for Japan
10. Tell Me One More Lie (Live)

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