Sad Café / Misplaced Ideals (ボートラ付CD, 輸入盤, 2008年)


This album was only released in US and Canada in November, 1978 and is a compilation first two studio albums (“Fanx Ta-ra” & “Misplaced Ideals”) by A&M Records.

Reissued CD was dropped by Renaissance Records on August 19, 2008.

Produced and Engineered by John Punter
Assistant Engineers : Nigel Walker and Jon Walls
Recorded at Sawmills Studios Cornwall, Strawberry Studios North, The Manor, Indigo Studios, AIR London
Remixed at AIR London

Art Direction by Roland Young
Album Design by Chuck Beeson
CD Design and Layout by John W. Edwards
Cover Photography by Mark Hanauer
Back Cover Photos by Hipgnosis

Band :
• Paul Young (Lead Vocals, Percussion)
• Ashley Mulford (Lead Guitar)
• Victor Emerson (Keyboards, All strings arranged and synthesized)
• John Stimpson (Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals)
• Ian Wilson (Electric & Acoustic 6 & 12 String Guitars, Background Vocals, Percussion)
• Tony Cresswell (Drums, Percussion)

Additional Musicians :
• Lenni Zaksen (Saxophone)
• John Punter (Additional Percussion)
• Dave Hassel (Kabasa, Bell Tree)
• Doreen Chanter (Background Vocals on 9)
• Irene Chanter (Background Vocals on 9)
• Liza Strike (Background Vocals on 9)

Track list :
1. Restless (A. Mulford, I. Wilson, J. Stimpson, P. Young)
2. Here Comes The Clowns (P. Young)
3. Run Home Girl (I. Wilson, P. Young)
4. Black Rose (J. Stimpson, P. Young)
5. I Believe (Love Will Survive) (P. Young)
6. Babylon (P. Young)
7. Shellshock (Sad Cafe)
8. Hungry Eyes (P. Young, V. Emerson)
9. Feel Like Dying (P. Young)
10. On With The Show (A. Mulford, I. Wilson, J. Stimpson, P. Young, V. Emerson)
Bonus tracks
11. Let Love Speak For Itself (P. Young, J. Stimpson, I. Wilson)
12. Mario (P. Young, V. Emerson, J. Stimpson)
13. No Place To Go (I. Wilson)
14. Relax (P. Young)