Colosseum / Time On Our Side (ボートラ付CD, 輸入盤, 2014年)


6th studio album was released by Ruf Records on November 24, 2014.

Produced by Jon Hiseman, Clem Clempson & Dave Greenslade
t/Track 10 Recorded by Miles Ashton at the Bruckenforum, Bonn, Germany

Artwork and Design By Ana Gracey

Band :
* Jon Hiseman (Drums)
* Dave Greenslade (Hammond Organ, Keyboards)
* Clem Clempson (Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards)
* Mark Clarke (Bass, Vocals)
* Chris Farlowe (Vocals)
* Barbara Thompson (Saxes)

Guest Musician :
* Ana Gracey (Guest Vocals on 2)

Track list :
1. Save As Houses (J. Hiseman, B. Thompson)
2. Blues To Music (A. Gracey)
3. The Way You Waved Goodbye (P. Brown, C. Clempson)
4. Dick’s Licks (P. Brown, D. Greenslade)
5. City Of Love (P. Brown, C. Clempson)
6. Nowhere To Be Found (M. Clarke, Pat Scortino, Ray DeTone)
7. You Just Don’t Get It (P. Brown, C. Clempson)
8. New Day (D. Greenslade)
9. Anno Domini (P. Brown, D. Greenslade)
- Bonus track -
10. Morning Story (Jack Bruce, Janet Godfrey, P. Brown)