David Paton & Sheep / Melody and Echoes (CD, 日本盤, 2022年)


This collaboration album was released by Ca Va? Records on May 18, 2022 in Japan.

Mixed and Engineered by Tadashi Horio and Kuniaki Tanaka

Graphic Arts and Design by Sally Kubota

* David Paton (Lead Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Electric & Upright Bass)
* Hisa Tanaka (Background Vocals)
* Tadashi Horio (Chorus, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Electric Bass)

Guest Musicians :
* Dave Stewart (Drums on 9)
* Calais Brown (Guitar on 9)

Track list :
1. My Only Love (D. Paton)
2. Happy Traveller (D. Paton, H. Tanaka)
3. Raindrops (D. Paton, T. Horio)
4. Midnight Limelight (D. Paton)
5. Like It Or Not (D. Paton)
6. Time Machine (D. Paton, H. Tanaka)
7. Melody In My Mind (D. Paton, T. Horio)
8. Isolated (D. Paton, H. Tanaka)
9. Out Of The Blue (D. Paton)
10. Sing To Myself (D. Paton, Tanya O'Sullivan, Anne Marie Tripolone)
11. Waiting For You (D. Paton)