Glad / Feelin’ Glad (紙ジャケCD, 輸入盤国内仕様, 2022年)


Their one & only album was originally released by ABC Records in 1968.

This reissued CD was out by Vivid Sound on January 26, 2022 in Japan.

Produced and Engineered by Eirik Wangberg
Arranged by Glad and Eirik Wangberg

Design and Photography by George S. Whiteman

Glad :
* Tom Phillips (Piano, Guitar, Vocals)
* Ronald Floegel (Guitar, Vocals)
* George Hullin (Drums, Background Vocals)
* Timothy B. Schmit (Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Bass)

Track list :
1. A New Tomorrow (R. Floegel)
2. Say What You Mean (R. Floegel)
3. Bedtime Story (R. Floegel, T. Phillips)
4. Picking’ Up The Pieces (R. Floegel)
5. Shape Of Things To Come (Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil)
6. Love Needs The World (E. W. Wangberg)
7. Sweet Melinda (R. Floegel, T. B. Schmit, T. Phillips)
8. Let’s Play Make Believe (R. Floegel, T. Phillips)
9. No Ma, It Can’t Be (R. Floegel)
10. Two Worlds (R. Floegel)
11. Johnny Silver’s Ride (R. Floegel, T. Phillips)
12. Silly Girl (R. Floegel)