Pablo Cruise / It’s Good To Be Live (CD+DVD, 輸入盤, 2011年)


This live CD/DVD was released by Red Red Records on November 8, 2011.

<DVD Credits>
Producer : Guy Kowarsh
Video Editing by Cory Lerios
Music Mixed by Travis Ference
Audio Mastered by Sangwook "Sunny" Nam at The Mastering Lab
Post Production by Cory Lerios, Guy Kowarsh
Audio Engineer : Bob Colombo, Guy Kowarsh
Additional Engineering by Cory Lerios, Jaime Kyle, Ari Rios, Chris Pelcer
Logic Studio Programmer : James Oliver
Camera Operators : Pete Oakes, Guy Kowarsh
Front Of House Mixer : Tom Vinci
Sound and Lighting : Telesound
DVD Production : Jerome Bunke-Digital Force NYC

<CD Credits>
Produced by Val Garay, Cory Lerios, David Jenkins
Recorded at The Barn Studios, Topanga, CA
Recorded & Mixed by Val Garay
Mastered by Sangwook "Sunny" Nam at The Mastering Lab

Still Photography : Marc Blake
Art Direction and Design : Dan Georgopoulos

Band :
* David Jenkins (Guitar, Vocals)
* Cory Lerios (Piano, Keyboards, Vocals)
* Stephen Price (Drums, Percussion)
* Larry Antonino (Bass, Vocals)

Guests :
* Katrina (Vocals on "A Place In The Sun" (New Studio Version)
* Ty Taylor (Vocals on "Love Will Find Away" (New Studio Version)

Track list : <CD/DVD>
1. The Opening (C. Lerios)
2. Worlds Away (C. Lerios, Bob Brown, Bruce Day)
3. A Place In The Sun (Bud Cockrell, C. Lerios)
4. Atlanta June (D. Jenkins, S. Price)
5. Island Woman (C. Lerios, D. Jenkins, David Batteau)
6. El Verano (DVD Only) (C. Lerios, B. Cockrell, D. Jenkins, S. Price)
7. Raging Fire (C. Lerios, D. Jenkins)
8. Cool Love (C. Lerios, D. Jenkins, John Pierce)
9. Don’t Want To Live Without It (C. Lerios, D. Jenkins)
10. Love Will Find Away (C. Lerios, D. Jenkins)
11. I Get Tired (Just Thinking Of You) (C. Lerios, George Gabriel)
12. Zero To Sixty In Five (C. Lerios, D. Jenkins)
13. I Go To Rio (Adrienne Anderson, Peter Allen)
14. Whatcha Gonna Do (C. Lerios, D. Jenkins)
15. Ocean Breeze (C. Lerios, D. Jenkins)
16. Will You, Won’t You (C. Lerios, D. Jenkins, J. Pierce)
- New Recordings (Bonus tracks : CD Only) -
17. A Place In The Sun (Bud Cockrell, C. Lerios)
18. Love Will Find Away (C. Lerios, D. Jenkins)

◎Discography◎ (Studio)
1. Pablo Cruise (August, 1975)
2. Lifeline (April, 1976)
3. A Place In The Sun (February, 1977)
4. Worlds Away (June, 1978)
5. Part Of The Game (October, 1979)
6. Reflector (July, 1981)
7. Out Of Our Hands (September, 1983)