Jeff Cascaro / The Other Man (ボートラ付CD, 輸入盤, 2012年)


3rd album was released by Herzog Records on February 24, 2012 in Germany.

Produced and Mixed by Ulf Kleiner at Sommer Residenz Studio
Track 13 Produced by Mario Biondi
Co-Produced by Jeff Cascaro
Additional Mixing by Tom Kruger
Arranged by Ulf Kleiner & Jeff Cascaro

Executive Producer : Rudiger Herzog (1-12), Simone Veneziano, Mario Biondi

Recorded at Wagenhallen, Topaz Studios & Sommer Residenz Studio
Mastering by Tom Kruger at ? no se ? studio

All Photographies by Thomas Schloemann

Musicians :
* Jeff Cascaro (Vocals, Horns)
* Bruno Müller (Guitar)
* Ulf Kleiner (Rhodes, Piano, Organ, Moog)
* Christian von Kaphengst (Fender Jazz Bass)
* Flo Dauner (Drums & Percussion on 3-8, 10)
* Peter Lübke (Drums & Percussion on 1, 2, 9, 11)
* Michael Heupel (Flute on 1, 10)

Track list :
1. Gettin' Started (U. Kleiner)
2. Roots (J. Cascaro, U. Kleiner, Goldsby)
3. The Other Man (J. Cascaro, U. Kleiner, Collier)
4. The Girl Who Got Away (Back In The Days) (J. Cascaro, U. Kleiner, Goldsby)
5. Stop! (J. Cascaro, U. Kleiner, Collier)
6. Beale Street (J. Cascaro, U. Kleiner, Goldsby)
7. You (J. Cascaro, U. Kleiner, Collier)
8. Swing Thing (J. Cascaro, U. Kleiner, Goldsby)
9. Going Home (J. Cascaro, U. Kleiner, Goldsby)
10. Give It To Me (J. Cascaro, U. Kleiner, Goldsby)
11. Let's Stay Together (Mitchell/Green/Jackson)
12. Outro (Ear Wiper) (J. Cascaro, U. Kleiner)
Bonus track
13. Blue Skies (Mario Biondi, J. Cascaro)