Calling Cadence / Calling Cadence (ボートラ付CD, 輸入盤, 2022年)


Debut album was released by hi-res records on January 6, 2022.

CD available :

Produced by Matt Linesch and David Swartz
Co-Produced by David Kalish
Recorded at Infinitespin, Sherman Oaks, CA
Engineered and Mixed by Matt Linesch
Assistant Engineers : Peter Brownlee & Eric Van Thyne
Mastered by Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering, Burbank, CA

Art Direction and Package Design by Al Quattrocchi, Jeff Smith, Tornado Creative, Los Angeles

Musicians :
* Oscar Jesus Bugarin (Guitar, Vocals)
* Rae Cole (Vocals)
* Jules Galli (Vocals on 1-4, 6-13, 15)
* Elijah Thomson (Bass on 1-3, 5, 6, 8-15)
* Mitchell Yoshida (Keyboard)
* Josh Adams (Drums)

Additional Musicians :
* Gabe Noel (Bass on 4, 7, Cello on 13)
* Danny Levin (Horns on 2, 3)
* David Moyer (Horns on 2, 3)
* Paulie Cerra (Horns on 7)
* William Artope (Horns on 7)
* Chris Johnson (Horns on 7)
* Garrett Ray (Congas on 7)

Track list : Additional tracks for CD (10, 13, 15)
1. Throw My Body (O. Bugarin, R. Culhane, C.R. McLaughlin, D. Swartz)
2. Good Day (O. Bugarin, R. Culhane, C.R. McLaughlin)
3. Just The Way It Goes (O. Bugarin)
4. Burn These Blues (O. Bugarin, D. Swartz)
5. California Bartender (O. Bugarin, R. Culhane, C.R. McLaughlin)
6. Took A Chance (O. Bugarin, R. Culhane, C.R. McLaughlin)
7. Dancin' (O. Bugarin)
8. King (O. Bugarin)
9. This Time (O. Bugarin, J. Alonge)
10. So Far Away (O. Bugarin, C. Sangsler)
11. I Don't Know Why (O. Bugarin, R. Culhane, C.R. McLaughlin)
12. Little Angel (O. Bugarin, R. Culhane, C.R. McLaughlin)
13. Enough (O. Bugarin, (R. Culhane, C.R. McLaughlin)
14. Rosie (O. Bugarin, C.R. McLaughlin)
15. Wasn't It Good (O. Bugarin)