Go West / Bangs & Crashes (2枚組Limited Edition Clear Vinyl, 輸入盤, 2022年)


This remix album was originally released by Chrysalis Records on May 12, 1986.

This limited edition clear vinyl was issued by Chrysalis Records on June 18, 2022.

Produced by Gary Stevenson (【LP 1】<Side One> 1-3, <Side Two> 1, 2, 【LP 2】<Side Three> 1, 2, <Side Four> 1-3), Tony Wilson (【LP 1】<Side Two> 3, 【LP 2】<Side Three> 3)
【LP 1】<Side Two> 3, 【LP 2】<Side Three> 3 Recorded live at Hammersmith Odeon on BBC Mobile, 1985
Engineered by Barry Hammond (【LP 1】<Side One> 1, 【LP 2】<Side Three> 1), John Madden & Gary Stevenson (【LP 1】<Side One> 2), John Madden (【LP 1】<Side One> 3, <Side Two> 1, 2,【LP 2】<Side Three> 2, <Side Four> 1, 3), Martin Colley (【LP 1】<Side Two> 3, 【LP 2】<Side Three> 3), Julian Mendelsohn (【LP 2】<Side Four> 2)
Mixed by Keith Finney (【LP 2】<Side Three> 2)
Remix by Julian Mendelsohn (【LP 1】<Side One> 1, 3, <Side Two> 1, 2, 【LP 2】<Side Three> 1, <Side Four> 2), Gary Stevenson (【LP 1】<Side Two> 3, 【LP 2】<Side Three> 3), Steve Churchyard (【LP 2】<Side Four> 1, 3)

Remastered by Gary Stevenson in 2022

Photography by Paul Cox (Front) and Eric Watson, Brian Aris, Brian Griffin, Tobi Corney, John Glover, Silvano Tuzi, Steve Rapport, Aaron Rappaport & Dennis O'Regan
Illustrations by Nick Hardcastle
Design by Stephen Horse

Go West :
* Peter Cox (Lead & Background Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards)
* Richard Drummie (Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Background Vocals)

Track list :
All written by Peter Cox and Richard Drummie
Except【LP 1】<Side B> track 3 by Norman Whitefield and Barrett Strong
【LP 1】
<Side One>
1. We Close Our Eyes (The Total Overhang Mix)
2. Man In Mirror
3. Goodbye Girl
<Side Two>
4. S.O.S. (The Perpendicular Mix)
5. Eye To Eye (The Horizontal Mix)
6. Ball Of Confusion (Live at Hammersmith Odeon)
【LP 2】
<Side Three>
7. Call Me (The Indiscriminate Mix)
8. Haunted
9. Missing Person (Live at Hammersmith Odeon)
<Side Four>
10. Don’t Look Down (The Stratospheric Mix)
11. One Way Street (from the film “Rocky IV”)
12. Innocence (The Desperation Mix)