Off Course / We are (紙ジャケCD, 日本盤, 2005年)


8th original album was originally released by Toshiba EMI on November 21, 1980.

This 24 bit digitally remastered edition was issued on March 24, 2005.

Produced and Arranged by OFF COURSE
Engineered by Shiroh Kimura
Mixed by Bill Schnee
Mix Assisted by Steven Fontano
Assistant Engineers : Susumu Mera, Ryoji Hachiya
Recorded at Freedom Studio 1&2 from August 21 to September 28
Remixed at Cherokee Studio from September 29 to October 2
Cutting at The Mastering Lab on Oct 7 & 10

Remastered by Yoichi Namekata

Graphic Concept and Design by Hiroyuki Fukuzato
Photography by Jin "Tamjin" Tamura A

* Kazumasa Oda (Keyboards, Lead Vocals on 1, 2, 4, 8-10, Background Vocals)
* Yasuhiro Suzuki (Guitars, Lead Vocals on 3, 5, 6, Background Vocals)
* Hitoshi Shimizu (Electric Bass, Background Vocals)
* Kazuhiko Matsuo (Guitars, Harmonica, Lead Vocals on 7, Background Vocals)
* Hitose "Jiro" Oma (Drums, Percussion)

Additional Musicians :
* Tamano Strings Section (Strings)
* Gary Herbig (Saxophone)
* Doug Livingston (Steel Guitar)

Track list :
1. 時に愛は (K. Oda)
2. 僕等の時代 (K. Oda)
3. おまえもひとり (Y. Suzuki, H. Shimizu)
4. あなたより大切なこと (K. Oda)
5. いくつもの星の下で (Y. Suzuki)
6. 一億の夜を越えて (Mitsutoshi Anbe, Y. Suzuki)
7. せつなくて (H. Oma, K. Matsuo)
8. Yes-No (K. Oda)
9. 私の願い (K. Oda)
10. きかせて (K. Oda)