Godiego / What A Beautiful Name (CD, 日本盤, 1999年)


9th original album was released by Nippon Columbia on October 21, 1999.

Co-Produced by Sadayuki Kurawaka
Arranged by Mickie Yoshino except track 9 & 12 by Mickie Yoshino & Tommy Snyder, track 8 by Takami Asano

Art Direction by Kiyomitsu Mihara
Design by Masashi Hashimoto
Photography by Tatsuharu "Gee" Hida

Godiego :
* Yukihide Takekawa (Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards)
* Mickie Yoshino (Keyboards, Background Vocals)
* Takami Asano (Guitar, Background Vocals)
* Steve Fox (Bass, Background Vocals)
* Tommy Snyder (Drums, Lead & Background Vocals)

Track list :
1. Gateway To The Dragon - New Beat - (Mickie Yoshino)
2. Visions Of Love(Tommy Snyder, Yukihide Takekawa)
3. My Sunshine Day(Mickie Yoshino)
4. She Needs Her Daddy (Steve Fox, Mickie Yoshino)
5. Forever - いつまでも I LOVE YOU - (Yoko Narahashi, Yukihide Takekawa)
6. Angels are Watching Over You (Steve Fox, Yukihide Takekawa)
7. Return To ChinaETURN TO CHINA(Mickie Yoshino)
8. Silent (Takami Asano) 
9. Rule Of The Game (Tommy Snyder)
10. The Broken Hearted (Yukihide Takekawa, Tommy Snyder)
11. Love's A Journey (Tommy Snyder, Mickie Yoshino)
12. We've Got To Give The Earth A Chance (Tommy Snyder, Yukihide Takekawa)
13. Beautiful Name (New Version) (Yoko Narahashi, Akira Itoh, Yukihide Takekawa)
14. Nice To See You Once More (Yukihide Takekawa, Tommy Snyder, Takami Asano)