Earth, Wind & Fire / Spirit (ボートラ付CD, 輸入盤, 2008年)


7th studio album was originally released by Columbia Records on September 28, 1976.

This reissued CD was out as a part of "Original Album Classics" on August 5, 2008 in U.K.

Produced by Maurice White, Charles Stepney
Arranged by Charles Stepney (1-3, 5-7), Tom Tom 84 (4), Jerry Peters (8-9)
Engineered and Remixed by George Massenburg
Mixed by Paul Klingberg (10-14), Leo Sacks (10-14), Maurice White (10-14)

* Maurice White (Vocals, Drums, Timbales, Kalimba)
* Philip Bailey (Vocals, Congas, Percussion)
* Verdine White (Vocals, Bass, Percussion)
* Larry Dunn (Piano, Keyboards, Organ, Moog Synthesizer)
* Al McKay (Guitar, Percussion)
* Johnny Graham (Guitar)
* Fred White (Drums, Percussion)
* Ralph Johnson (Drums, Percussion)

Additional Musicians :
* Jerry Peters (Piano, Keyboards)
* Harvey Mason (Percussion)
* Don Myrick (Saxophone)
* Andrew Woolfolk (Saxophone, Percussion)
* George Bohanon (Trombone)
* Louis Satterfield (Trombone)
* Charles Loper (Trombone)
* Lew McCreary (Bass Trombone)
* Oscar Brashear (Trumpet)
* Charles Findley (Trumpet)
* Michael Harris (Trumpet)
* Steve Madaio (Trumpet)
* David Duke (French Horn)
* Arthur Maebe (French Horn)
* Sidney Muldrow (French Horn)
* Marilyn Robinson (French Horn)
* Tommy Johnson (Tuba)
* Charles Veal (Concertmaster)
* Dorothy Ashby (Harp)
* Ronald Cooper (Cello)
* Marie Fera (Cello)
* Dennis Karmazyn (Cello)
* Harry Shlutz (Cello)
* Marilyn Baker (Viola)
* David Campbell (Viola)
* Denyse Buffum (Viola)
* Rollice Dale (Viola)
* James Dunham (Viola)
* Paul Polivnick (Viola)
* Lynn Subotnick (Viola)
* Barbara Thomason (Viola)
* Asa Drori (Violin)
* Winterton Garvey (Violin)
* Harris Goldman (Violin)
* Carl LaMagna (Violin)
* Joy Lyle (Violin)
* Sandy Seemore (Violin)
* Haim Shtrum (Violin)
* Ken Yerke (Violin)

Track list :
1. Getaway (Peter Cor, Bernard “Beloyd” Taylor)
2. On Your Face (Charles Stepney, Maurice White, Philip Bailey)
3. Imagination (Charles Stepney, Maurice White, Philip Bailey)
4. Spirit (Larry Dunn, Maurice White)
5. Saturday Nite (Al McKay, Maurice White, Philip Bailey)
6. Earth, Wind & Fire (Skip Scarborough, Maurice White)
7. Departure (Larry Dunn, Maurice White)
8. Biyo (Maurice White, Al McKay)
9. Burnin' Bush (Jerry Peters)
- Bonus tracks -
10. Saturday Nite (Alternate Mix) (Maurice White, Al McKay, Philip Bailey)
11. Seraphim (Maurice White, Al McKay, Ph Bailey, Larry Dunn)
12. Imagination (Angels Mix) (Charles Stepney, Maurice White, Philip Bailey)
13. Departure (The Traveler) (Larry Dunn, Maurice White)
14. African Symphony (Larry Dunn, Maurice White)