Trideli / Everything - A Rockin’ E. P. (サイン入CD, 輸入盤, 2022年)


Debut EP was released by 65’Bros Productions in July, 2022.

Produced by Mike Della Bella
Co-Produced by Faber Farina
Arranged by Mike Della Bella and Daniele Trissati
Mixed and Mastered by Alessandro Di Falco
Assisted by Faber Farina

Musicians :
* Mike Della Bella (All Music & Lyrics)
* Daniele Trissati (All Guitars)
* Damiano Libianchi (All Vocals)
* Sturla Nostvik (All Drums)
* Simone Ndiaye (Bass on 1, 2)
* Laura Pucini (Bass on 3)
* Mattia Fagiolo (Background Vocals)

Track list :
1. Everything
2. Ginger Doll
3. You Know Where To Find Me
4. Let Yourself Go