Joseph Court / Affair Of the Heart (サイン入CD, 輸入盤, 2022年)


1st album was released by Bernoit Music & HallowedPen on September 9, 2022.

Physical CD Available :

Produced by Bernie Chiaravalle & Peter Penhallow
Recorded at Marin County, CA and Franklin, TN
Mixed and Mastered by Bernie Chiaravalle at The Hideaway, Franklin, TN

Album Design by BVC Design
Front & Back Photo by BVC
Inside Photos by Warren Paul Harris Fine Art, Dallas, TX

Joseph Court :
* Peter Penhallow (Keyboards, Drum Programming, Guitars, Background Vocals)
* Bernie Chiaravall (Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Lead & Background Vocals)

Guest Musician :
* Dan Needham (Drums on 12)

Track list :
1. Only Love Can Save Us (B. Chiaravalle)
2. Her (P. Penhallow, Harrison)
3. Hail To Magic (P. Penhallow, B. Chiaravalle)
4. It’s Not Up To Me (B. Chiaravalle)
5. Critics (P. Penhallow, R. Penhallow, B. Chiaravalle)
6. Affair Of The Heart (P. Penhallow, B. Chiaravalle)
7. I Believe (B. Chiaravalle)
8. Autograph Show (P. Penhallow, Harrison, MacLeod, B. Chiaravalle)
9. One And Only (B. Chiaravalle)
10. Mind Face (P. Penhallow, Harrison, MacLeod, B. Chiaravalle)
11. Sideman (P. Penhallow, B. Chiaravalle)
12. Rely On Your Grace (P. Penhallow, B. Chiaravalle)