Kasim Sulton / Kasim (Vinyl, 輸入盤, 1982年)


1st solo album was released by EMI America in 1982.

Produced by Bruce Fairbairn
Co-Produced by Kasim Sulton, Mark Rochet OnofrioRoger Powell
Engineered by Joe "The Tweek" Chiccarelli
Mixed by Bruce Fairbairn, Joe Chiccarelli, Mark Rochet
Second Engineer : Tom Cummings
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound

Art Direction by Bill Burks
Design Concept, Design & Photography by Brian Hagiwara, Peter Corriston

Musicians :
* Kasim (Lead & Background Vocals, Instruments)
* Mark "Rocket" Onofrio (Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals)
* Buck Dharma (Lead Guitar on <Side A> 2, <Side B> 1, 5)
* Tom Morrongiello (Rhythm Guitar on <Side A> 2, 3, <Side B> 3, 5, Background Vocals on <Side A> 5)
* Roger Powell (Synthesizer)
* Earth, Wind & Fire Horns (Horns)
* Mark Rivera (Alto Saxophone on <Side A> 5)
* Tom Tom 84 (Arrangement, Horns Conductor)
* Peter Bjerring (Arrangement & Strings Conductor on <Side B> 3)

Track list :
<Side A>
1. Someone To Love (K. Sulton, M.R. Onofrio)
2. Evil (K. Sulton, M.R. Onofrio)
3. White And Red (D. Bucks, K. Sulton, M.R. Onofrio)
4. This Must Be Love (K. Sulton)
5. Don't Break My Heart (K. Sulton, M.R. Onofrio)
<Side B>
1. Drivin' Me Mad (K. Sulton)
2. Roll The Dice (K. Sulton, M.R. Onofrio)
3. Just A Little Bit (K. Sulton)
4. Sweet Little Accident (B. Mernit, K. Sulton)
5. Rock And Roll (K. Sulton, M.R. Onofrio)