Jimmy Buffett / Life on the Flip Side (CD, 輸入盤, 2020年)


30th studio album was released by Mailboat Records on May 29, 2020.

Produced by Michael Utley and Mac McAnally
Recorded at Shrimpboat Sound Studios, Key West, FL
Engineered by Chris Stone
2nd Engineer : Taylor Pollert
Additional Studio Recording at Village Recorders
Engineered by Matt Dyson
And Blackbird Studio in Nashville, TN
Vocal Editing by Brian Willis
Mastered by Jim DeMain at Yes Master, Nashville, TN

Art Direction and Design by Kosh and Amy Dakos
Cover Photo by Roberto Salas
Additional Photos by Stan Kellam, Jim Mayer, Kibru Senbetta, Darin Hinson, Rob Meder, Mike Ramos, Chuck Saftler, Julie Skarratt, Tom Corcoran, Lars Larsen
Painting in "Hey, That's My Wave" by Mark Ulriksen

Jimmy Buffett and The Coral Reefer Band :
* Jimmy Buffett (Vocals, Guitar)
* Michael Utley (Keyboards)
* Mac McAnally (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals)
* Robert Greenidge (Steel Drums)
* Peter Mayer (Guitar, Vocals)
* Jim Mayer (Bass)
* Roger Guth (Drums)
* Doyle Grisham (Steel Guitar)
* Eric Darken (Percussion)
* John Lovell (Trumpet, Horn Arrangement on 13)
* Will Kimbrough (Guitar, Vocals)
* Nadirah Shakoor (Vocals)
* Tina Gullickson (Vocals)

Additional Musicians :
* Petey Martin (Keyboards)
* Jeff Taylor (Accordion on 14)
* Charles Rose (Trombone)
* William Huber (Trombone)
* Steve Patrick (Trumpet)
* Vincent Ciesielski (Trumpet)
* Lukas Nelson (Additional Vocals on 2)
* Glenn Goodman (Additional Vocals on 7)
* Frank Marshall (Additional Vocals on 7)
* Stephanie Gilmore (Additional Vocals on 7)
* Darin Hinson (Additional Vocals on 7)
* Enrique Murciano (Additional Vocals on 13)
* Paul Brady (Additional Vocals on 1, Duet Vocals on 8)

Track list :
1. Down at the Lah De Dah (J. Buffett, Paul Brady, Ralph Murphy)
2. Who Gets to Live Like This (J. Buffett, M. McAnally, Lukas Nelson)
3. The Devil I Know (J. Buffett, M. McAnally)
4. The Slow Lane (J. Buffett, Will Kimbrough, Dave Zohl, Johnny Duke)
5. Cussin' Island (J. Buffett)
6. Oceans of Time (P. Brady, Sharon Vaughn)
7. Hey, That's My Wave (J. Buffett, M. McAnally, Glenn Goodman)
8. The World Is What You Make It (P. Brady)
9. Half Drunk (W. Kimbrough, Brigitte DeMeyer)
10. Mailbox Money (J. Buffett, W. Kimbrough)
11. Slack Tide (J. Buffett, Peter Mayer, W. Kimbrough)
12. Live, Like It's Your Last Day (J. Buffett, M. McAnally)
13. 15 Cuban Minutes (J. Buffett, Michael Utley, Enrique Murciano)
14. Book on the Shelf (J. Buffett, Erin McAnally, Mick Utley)