Angela Strehli / Ace Of Blues (CD, 輸入盤, 2022年)


Her first new album in 17 years.

Released by Antone's Records on November 18, 2022

Produced by Angela Strehli, Bob Brown
Engineered by Ari Rios
Assistant Engineer : Erin Tadena
Recorded at Laughing Tiger Studios, San Rafael, CA between December 15, 2021 and January 4, 2022
Overdubs at Greaseland Studios
Mixed by Christoffer "Kid" Andersen at Greaseland Studios
Mastered by Kenneth Love at Fivepoints Mastering

Musicians :
* Angela Strehli (Vocals)
* Mike Schermer (Guitar)
* Steve Ehrmann (Bass)
* Kevin Hayes (Drums)
* Mike Emerson (Keyboards)
* Johnny Allair (Keyboards)
* Jim Pugh (B3 Organ)
* Walter "Gomez" Morgan, Jr. (Guitar)
* DaQuantae Johnson (Bass)
* Paul Revelli (Drums)
* Bill Gibson (Drums)
* Mark Kazanoff (Harmonica)
* Rob Sudduth (Tenor Saxophone, Horn Arrangement)
* Johnnie Beaumont (Baritone Saxophone)
* Marvin McFadden (Trumpet)
* Christoffer "Kid" Andersen (Additional Guitar on 4)
* Sons of the Soul Revivers (Backing Vocals on 11)
* Lisa Leuschner (Additional Backing Vocals on 5, 8)

Track list :
1. Two Steps From The Blues (D. Malone, J. Brown)
2. Person To Person (E. James, M. Sehorn)
3. Ace Of Spades (D. Malone)
4. I Love The Life I Live (W. Dixon)
5. You Never Can Tell (C. Berry)
6. Gambler's Blues (B.B. King, J. Pate)
7. Howlin' For My Darling (C. Burnett, W. Dixon)
8. Trying To Live My Life Without You (E. Williams)
9. Take Out Some Insurance (J. Stone)
10. More And More (D. Juan, P. Smith)
11. I Wouldn't Mind Dying (D. Coates)
12. SRV