Perfect View / Bushidō  (ボートラ付CD, 日本盤, 2023年)


4th studio album was released by Rubicon Music on April 19, 2023 in Japan.

Worldwide edition will be out by Lions Pride Music on April 28, 2023.

Produced by Perfect View
Arranged by Perfect View, except track 12 by Perfect View & Riccardo Farina

Executive Producer: Carsten Nielsen, Chris Siloma

Mastered, Engineered & Mixed @ Pristudio, Bologna, BO, Italy by Roberto Priori, Francesco "Joe" Cataldo & Frank Paulis

Sound Engineer: Stefano Davoli

Pre-Production tracks made @ Sunshine Studio's, San Pietro In Elda, MO, Italy by Frank Paulis
Drums Recorded @ Kibo Studio, Correggio, RE, Italy by Stefano Davoli
Bass, Keyboards & Rhythm Guitars Recorded @ Flatroom Studio, Soliera, MO, Italy by Alessandro Ascari
Lead Vocals, Background Vocals Recorded @ Spiral Studio, Castelnuovo, Rangone, MO, Italy by Fabio Dessi
Lead Guitars & Bass Re-Amping @ Pristudio, Bologna, BO, Italy by Roberto Priori

Concept Idea & Artwork by Frank Paulis
Photo by Matteo Buzzi
Drawings and Graphic Animation by Simone Muci, Nobuya Tamaki & Matt Fraulini

Perfect View:
* Francesco "Joe" Cataldo (All Guitars, Background Vocals)
* Frank Paulis (Bass, Background Vocals)
* Davide "Dave" Lugli (Drums)
* Alberto Bettini (Keyboards)
* Damiano Libianchi (Lead & Background Vocals)

Additional Musician :
* Fabio Dessi (Additional Background Vocals)
* Marco "Babba" Ciancio (Additional Background Vocals)
* Emanuela "Doll" Siconolfi (Background Vocals on 3)
* Alessandro Ascari (Strummed Acoustic Guitar on 6)
* Mauro Baratta (Japanese Voice)

Track list :
All Music Composed by Perfect View, except track 12 by Perfect View & Riccardo Farina
All Lyrics by Francesco "Joe" Cataldo
1. Bushido Theme 武士道のテーマ
2. Birth 生
3. Love 愛
4. Integrity 義
5. Honor 名誉
6. Family 家
7. Respect 礼
8. Compassion 仁
9. Honesty 真
10. Courage 勇
11. Loyalty 忠義
12. Bushido Theme (Reprise)
- Bonus track for Japan -
13. Life 命

1. Hold Your Dreams (October, 2010)
2. Red Moon Rising (2014)
3. Timeless (October 29, 2018)
4. Bushido (April 19, 2023 <Japan>, 28, 2023 <Worldwide>)