Jon Cleary / New Kinda Groove - The Jon Cleary Collection (CD, 日本盤, 2023年)


This compilation CD was released by Sony Music Labels on August 23, 2023 in Japan.

Produced for the release by Kaz Michijima
Mastered by Machiko Suzue

Art Direction & Design by Wakana Miyazaki

Track list:
1. New Kinda Groove / Everything Is Everything (Wilson Turbinton, Richard Evans, Philip Upchurch, Ric Powell) (New Recording 2022)
2. Lonely Man's Prayer (Be With Me) (Jonny Guitar Watson) (New Recording 2022)
3. Dyna-Mite (Jon Cleary)(from 『Dyna-Mite』2018)
4. 21st Century Gypsy Singing Lover Man (Jon Cleary, Taj Mahal)(from 『Dyna-Mite』2018)
5. Pump It Up (Jon Cleary)(from 『GoGo Juice』2015)
6. Brother I'm Hungry(from 『GoGo Juice』2015)
7. When The Party's Over (Allen Toussaint)(from 『Occapella!』2012)
8. What Do You Want The Girl To Do (Allen Toussaint)(from 『Occapella!』2012)
9. All Right Now (Andy Fraser, Paul Rodgers)(from 『Do Not Disturb』2007)
10. Feel The Need In Me (Pat Patrick, James Davis Jr.)(from 『Do Not Disturb』2007)
11. I Don't Know (Jon Cleary)(from 『Do Not Disturb』2007)
12. New Area Code (Jon Cleary)(from 『Do Not Disturb』2007)
13. Since I Don't Have You (Jackie Taylor, James Beaumont, Janet Vogel, Joseph Rock, Joe Verscharen, Lennie Martin, Wally Lester)(from 『So Well』2020)
14. So Damn Good (Jon Cleary) (Live)(from 『Live at Chickie Wah Wah』2017)
15. Cheatin on You (Jon Cleary) (Live)(from 『Mo Hippa Live』2008)
16. When You Get Back (Jon Cleary) (Live)(from 『Mo Hippa Live』2008)