Jamie West-Oram / Skeleton Key (CD, 輸入盤, 2023年)


Jamie West Oram has been known as a guitarist & songwriter of "The Fixx".

First solo album was released by BFD on August 18, 2023.

Produced by Nick Jackson and Jamie West-Oram
Drums Recorded at Spacehouse Studio
All other Instruments and Voices Recorded by Jamie West-Oram
Mixed by Nick Jackson at Spacehouse Studio
Additional editing by Andy Rowberry
Mastered by James Arter

Skelton Key Front Cover by Jack West-Oram
Padlock Image by Bibi West-Oram
"Cuckoos In The Nest" Painting by Marla Weyeneth
Graphic Design and Art Direction by Gus Campbell

* Jamie West-Oram (Vocals, All Intruments except Drums)
* Tom Ashcroft (Drums)
* Bibi West-Oram (Background Vocals and French Whispering on 6)

Track list:
All written by Jamie West-Oram
1. Knuckle Down (Instrumental)
2. Claustrophobia
3. Cuckoos In The Nest
4. Endless Possession (Instrumental)
5. Life Support (Instrumental)
6. Collusion Blues
7. Split Me In Two
8. Sharp Edge 2 (Instrumental)
9. Forging The Key (Instrumental)
10. Turning The Key (Instrumental)