Colloid / 粒粒 / "ryu-ryu" (サイン入CD, 日本盤, 2016年)


1st mini album was released by dron!label on March 31, 2016.

Physical CD available:

Recorded & Mixed by Makoto Inada
Recorded at TOKUSYOJI
Mastered by Katsunori Owa at STUDIO YOU

Painting by Terumi Kondo

* Yoko Shimomura (Vocals)
* Azumi Miyata (Contrabass, Vocals)
* Hiroko Nishimoto (Vocals, Guitar)
* Akiko Igaki (Violin, Vocals)
* Ayuko Ikeda (Percussion, Vocals)

Track list:
All music by Colloid
1. 夜の舟 / The night boat
2. 河をのぼる / Story of the salmon
3. ゆうぐれ / dusk
4. 冬の馬 / Winter horse