The Jeevas / 1,2,3,4 (ボートラ付CD, 日本盤, 2002年)


1st album was released by Sony Music Japan on September 4, 2002.

Produced by Mark "Duck" Blackwell and Crispian D.Mills
Engineered by Mark "Duck" Blackwell
Recorded at Napoleon Road Studios, St Margarets
Mastered by John Davis at Whitfield Street Studios

Artwork by Lee Framer
Sleeve Photos by Chris Lopez

The Jeevas:
* Crispian D.Mills (Guitar, Vocals)
* Randy Nixon (Drums, Vocals)
* R.Dan McKinna (Bass, Vocals)

Track list:
All written by Crispian D.Mills, except where noted
1. Virginia
2. Ghost (Cowboys in the Movies) (Simon Roberts, Joff Winter-Hart, Crispian D.Mills, adapted from the original song "Bike" by BUCKY)
3. You Got My Number (John O'Neill)
4. What Is It For?
5. Once Upon a Time in America
6. Don't Say The Good Times Are Over
7. Scary Parents
8. Teenage Breakdown
9. Silver Apples (Crispian Mills, Mark Pritchard)
10. She Speaks (Bonus Track)
11. Edge of the World
12. America (Demo Bonus Track)