Michael Gonzales / Mountaintop (紙ジャケCD, 日本盤, 2024年)


2nd album was originally released by Ministry Resource Center in 1983.
This digitally remastered CD was issued by P-Vine Records on April 3, 2024 in Japan.

Produced by David Diggs and Michael Gonzales
Arranged by David Diggs
Engineered by Christopher Banninger and Dan Willard
Recorded and Mixed at Can Am Recorders and Whitefield Studios
Originally Mastered by Kevin Gray at MCA-Whitney Studios, Glendale, CA

Art Direction by Pete Claproth, Michael Gonzales, Timothy Ramos
Photography by Ray Dills

Executive Producer: Pete Claproth

* Michael Gonzales (Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Percussion)
* David Diggs (Keyboards, Synthesizers, Percussion)
* Rob Watson (Keyboards, Synthesizers)
* John Ferraro (Drums)
* Wayne Brasel (Guitar)
* John Patitucci (Bass)
* Terry Winch (Percussion)
* Pete Claproth (Percussion)
* David Page (Background Vocals)
* Bill Champlin (Background Vocals)
* Tamara Champlin (Background Vocals)
* Roby Duke (Background Vocals)

Track list:
1. Thank You Jesus (Bill Champlin)
2. Let It Go (Keith Thomas, Howard McCrary)
3. Father (Michael Gonzales)
4. I Praise You (Joey Arreguin, Margaunte Ingram)
5. Come Home (Michael Gonzales)
6. Mountaintop (Michael Gonzales)
7. Waiting For Love (Michael Gonzales, Charles Williams)
8. I Wanna Be Loved By You (Keith Thomas, Gary Chapman)
9. Let Your Light Shine (Michael Gonzales)
10. Heaven's Home (Michael Gonzales)