Michael McDonald / No Lookin' Back (CD, 輸入盤, 2010年)


2nd. solo album was originally released by Warner Bros. Records on July 30, 1985.

This re-isuued remastered CD was out by Friday Music on September 14, 2010.
(Track order changed where noted below)

Produced by Michael McDonald and Ted Templeman
Except "Sweet Freedom" Produced by Rod Temperton, Dick Rudolph and Bruce Swedien
Engineered and Mixed by Ross Pallone
Second Engineer : Mike Wuellner
Additional Engineers : Lee Herschberg, Jim Pace and Grady Walker
Mixed at Hollywood Sound Recorders, Hollywood, CA
Originally Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk, New York, NY
CD Mastering by Lee Herschberg at Amigo Studios, Los Angeles, CA

6 Recorded and Mixed by Bruce Swedien at Westlake Audio, Los Angeles, CA

Art Direction by Jeffrey Kent Ayeroff
Design by Jeri McManus
Front Photo by Joel Levinson
Back Photo by Brian Aris

Musicians :
Michael McDonald (Lead and Backing vocals on all, Keyboards on 1, Synthesizers on 2-5, 7-10, Hammond B3 Organ on 8, 9)
Mike Hanna (Synthesizers on 2)
Chuck Sabatino (Synthesizers on 3, 9, Background Vocals on 3, 9)
Chris Pelonis (Programming on 3, 4, 8)
Scott Plunkett (Synthesizer Horns on 4, Sequencer on 8)
Brian Mann (Synthesizers on 7, 10)
Randy Goodrum (Synthesizers on 5)
Greg Phillinganes (Keyboards on 6)
Anthony Patler (Keyboards on 6)
Danny Sembello (Keyboards on 6)
Rod Temperton (Keyboards on 6)
Larry Williams (Keyboards & Synthesizer on 6, Horns on 6)
Wells Christie (Synclavier on 6)
David Pack (Guitar on 1, 2, 4, 8, Synthesizers on 4), Rhythm Guitar on 5)
Joe Walsh (Slide Guitar on 2)
Robben Ford (Guitar on 3, Lead Guitar Solo on 5)
Paul Jackson Jr. (Guitar on 6)
Michael Thompson (Guitar on 6)
Willie Weeks (Bass on 1, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10)
Nathan East (Bass on 2)
Jeff Porcaro (Drums on 1-5, 8-10, Cymbals on 7)
George Perilli (Drums on 1, Programming on 4)
Staff Fieldhouse (Electronic Drums on 4, 10)
Roger Nichols (Drums on 7)
Paulinho da Costa (Percussion on 5, 7)
Cornelius Bumpus (Tenor Saxophone on 3, 9)
David Boruff (Horns on 6)
Chuck Findley (Horns on 6)
Gary Grant (Horns on 6)
Jerry Hey (Horns on 6)
Kim Hutchcroft (Horns on 6)
Bill Reichenbach (Horns on 6)
Siedah Garrett (Background Vocals on 6)

Track list :
6 originally released on "Running Scared soundtrack" (1986)

1. No Lookin' Back (M. McDonald, Kenny Loggins, Ed Sanford)
2. Bad Times (M. McDonald)
3. (I'll Be Your Angel (M. McDonald, Chuck Sabatino)
4. By Heart (M. McDonald, C. Sabatino, David Pack)
5. Don't Let Me Down (M. McDonald)
6. Sweet Freedom (Rod Temperton)
7. Our Love (Theme From No Mercy) (M. McDonald, D. Pack)
8. (I Hang) On your Every Word (M. McDonald, Amy Holland)
9. Any Foolish Thing (M. McDonald, C. Sabatino)
10. Lost In The Paradise (M. McDonald, Grady Walker)