Bernie Chiaravalle / The World Around Me (CD, 輸入盤, 2010年)


4th solo album was released on November 5, 2010

Produced and Engineered by Bernie Chiaravalle
Recorded at The Hideaway, Franklin TN
Recorded on Cubase 5
Mastered by Yes Master, Nashville TN

Photography by Rachel Chiaravalle
Cover Graphics and Design Consultation by Bill Chiaravalle

All Vocals and Instruments Performed by Bernie Chiaravalle
Except : Pat Coil plays B411 on "Long Haul"

Track list : All written by Bernie Chiaravalle except noted below
1. No Way Out
2. Only Game In Town (B. Chiaravalle & Jon Goodwin)
3. You Got Nothin' On Me
4. The World Has Let you Down
5. Long Haul (B. Chiaravalle, Michael McDonald & Alvarez)
6. The World Around Me
7. What I Knew Before
8. For A Little While (B. Chiaravalle & Leland)
9. No Longer In My Dreams
10. White Lies
11. Nothin' Left To Believe In (B. Chiaravalle & Chazz Frichtel)
12. Let The Night Unwind