Paul Carrack / One Good Reason (CD, 日本盤, 1988年)


3rd solo album was originally released by Chrysalis in November 1987.
This CD was out by Toshiba EMI on December 24, 1988 in Japan.

Produced by Christopher Neil
Engineered by Simon Hurrel
Recorded at Comforts Place
Assisted by Peter Woodroffe and mark Robinson
Mixed at Fisher Lane farm
Assisted by Paul Gommersal with tahnks to Dale Newman

Photography by Brian Griffin
Design & Art Direction by Michael Krage

Musicians :
Paul Carrack (Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards)
Wix (Keyboards)
Peter Van-Hooke (Drums)
Tim Renwick (Guitar)
Jackie Rawe (Duet Vocals on 2, Background Vocals)
Jackie Rane (Background Vocals)
Frank Riccotti (Percussion)
Irish (Saxophone on 7)

Track list :
1. One Good Reason (P. Carrack, C. Difford)
2. When You Walk In The Room (Jackie Deshannon)
3. Button Off My Shirt (Lyle, Livsey)
4. Give Me A Chance (P. Carrack)
5. Double It Up (P. Carrack, N. lowe)
6. Don’t Shed A Tear (E. Schwartz, R. Friedman)
7. Fire With Fire (P. Carrack, C. Neil)
8. Here I Am (Duke, Lewis, Preffif)
9. Collrane (P. Carrack, N. Lowe)
10. (Do I Figure) In Your Life (P. Bluson)

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    2021/11/28 - 編集済み


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      Follow Your Heart

      2021/11/28 - 編集済み

      はい、とても!Mike & The Mechanicsで彼を初めて知りファンになって、初めて買った彼のソロCDです。当時はちょうどVinylからCDへの移行期でしたね。初めてCDプレーヤー買って間もないころに入手した思い出あります。