Jim Messina / Messina (CD, 日本盤)

Jim Messina / Messina (CD, 日本盤)


His 2nd. solo album was originally released in 1981.

This CD was used remastered tracks in 2005.

Produced by Jim Messina
Engineered by Don Murray

Track lists :
1. Money Alone (Written by J. Messina)
2. Sweet Love (Written by J. Messina)
3. Break The Chain (J. Messina)
4. Child Of My Dreams (J. Messina & David Tate)
5. Whispering Waters (Written by J. Messina & Alan Thornhill)
6. Lovin’ You Every Minutes (Written by J. Messina & Michael Brady)
7. Stay The Night (J. Messina)
8. It’s All Right Here (J. Messina)
9. Move Into Your Heart )J. Messina & David Tate)

* Jim Messina (Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Mandola)
* Michael Brady (Bass, 2nd Harmony Vocals on #4. 3rd Harmony Vocals on #5
* Jeff Porcaro (Drums, Percussion)
* Joe Porcaro (Percussion on #5,
* Victor Feldman (Percussion, Congas, Marimba, Acoustic Piano on #2,
* James Studer (Acoustic Piano, Wurlitzer, Prophet, Fender Rhodes, 3rd.Harmony Vocals)
* Tom Hensley (Acoustic Piano on #9)
* Neil Larsen (Organ)
* Jerry Hey (Trumpet, Flugelhorn)
* Jim Horn (Sax, Baritone Sax)
* Chuck Findley (Trombone, Flugelhorn)
* David Grisman (Mandolin)
* Darol Anger (Violin)
* Silvia Woods (Celtic Harp)
* Jim Hochanadie (Autoharp, Penny whistle, Recorder)
* Craig Thomas (3rd. Harmony Vocals)
* Pauline Wilson (Duet Vocals on #7,
* Alan Thornhill (2nd Harmony Vocals on #5)
* Jannie Littlepage (3rd Harmony Vocals on #4)