Robbie Nevil / Robbie Nevil (CD, 日本盤)


1st album was released by Manhattan Records on November 11, 1986.

Produced by Alex Sadkin, Philip Thornalley
Recorded by Nick Lacey
Mixing Assistant : Matt Barry

* Robbie Nevil (Lead & Background Vocals, Guitars on all, Keyboards on 4)
* Tommy Faragher (Bass, Keyboards, Background Vocals)
* John Van Tongeren (Keyboards, Bass on 10)
* Judd Lander (Harmonica Solo on 6)
* Boris Williams (Hi-Hat)
* Mike Nocito (Cymbals)
* Frank Ricotti (Percussion)
* Alex Sadkin (Environmental Percussion on 4)
* Ian Ritchie (Saxophone on 5)
* Elaine Griffiths (Background Vocals)
* Fiona Griffiths (Background Vocals)
* Carol Kenyon (Background Vocals)
* Chris Thompson (Background Vocals)
* Miriam Stockley (Background Vocals)
* Stevie Lange (Background Vocals)

Track list :
1. Just A Little Closer (R. Nevil & M. Mueller)
2. Dominoes (R. Nevil, Dick Eastman & Bobby Hart)
3. Limousines (M. Mueller, R. Nevil, T. Faragher)
4. Back To You (B. Walsh, R. Nevil)
5. C’est La Vie (R. Nevil, Pain & Holding)
6. Wot's It To Ya (B. Walsh, R. Nevil)
7. Walk Your Talk (D. Pain, R. Nevil)
8. Simple Life (R. Nevil, Mark Goldenberg & Brock Walsh)
9. Neighbors (David Krems, Keith Steinbaum, R. Nevil)
10. Look Who’s Alone Tonight (R. Nevil, Gladston & J. Van Tongeren)