Boz Scaggs / Boz Scaggs (ボートラ付CD, 日本盤, 2016年)

Boz Scaggs / Boz Scaggs (ボートラ付CD, 日本盤, 2016年)


His 2nd album was released by Atlantic Records on August 19, 1969.
(Digitally remastered in 2016, Original mix in 1969)

Produced by Boz Scaggs, Jann Wenner & Marlin Greene
Engineered by Marlin Greene
Mastered by Rob Grenell at Atlantic Studios

Design by Robert Kingsbury
Photography by Elaine Mayes
Inner Liner Photos by Stephen Paley

Musicians :
• Boz Scaggs (Lead & Backgrond Vocals, Guitar)
• Duane Allman (Guitars, Dobro, Slide Guitar)
• Eddie Hinton (Guitar)
• Jimmy Johnson (Guitar)
• Barry Beckett (Keyboards)
• David Hood (Bass)
• Roger Hawkins (Drums)
• Al Lester (Fiddle)
• Charles Chalmers (Tenor Saxophone on 1)
• Floyd Newman (Baritone Saxophone on 1)
• Ben Cauley (Trumpet on 1)
• Gene Miller (Trumpet & Trombone on 2-9)
• Joe Arnold (Tenor Saxophone on 2-9)
• James Mitchell (Baritone Saxophone on 2-9)
• Jeanie Greene (Background Vocals)
• Donna Thatcher (Background Vocals)
• Tracy Nelson (Background Vocals)
• Mary Holiday (Background Vocals)
• Irma Routen (Background Vocals)
• Joyce Dunn (Background Vocals)

Track list :
1. I'm Easy (B. Scaggs, Barry Beckett)
2. I'll Be Long Gone (B. Scaggs)
3. Another Day (B. Scaggs)
4. Now You're Gone (B. Scaggs)
5. Finding Her (B. Scaggs)
6. Look What I Got (Charles Chalmers, Donna Rhodes)
7. Waiting for a Train (Jimmie Rodgers)
8. Loan Me A Dime (Fenton Robinson)
9. Sweet Release (B. Scaggs, Barry Beckett)
Bonus tracks
10. I'll Be Long Gone (Short Single Version)
11. I'll Be Long Gone (Long Single Version)