Koinonia / Koinonia (紙ジャケCD, 輸入盤, 2010年)


2009年8月~シカゴに在籍中のLou PardiniがいたバンドのCDです。

4th. album was originally released in 1989.
This re-issued edition was out in 2010.
(“All The Best” Box Set includes all 4 albums+2 live DVDs)

Produced by Jerry Hey
Recorded at Record One, Conway, Skip Saylor and Take One Recording Studios, Los Angels, CA
Originally mastered by Bernie Grundman
Engineered by Richard McKernan
Mixed by Mick Guzauski

Band :
Abraham Laboriel (Bass)
Bill Maxwell (Drums)
Harlan Rogers (Keyboards)
Justo Almario (Saxophone)
Lou Pardini (Lead Vocals on 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, Background Vocals on 7, Keyboards)

Guests :
Michael Landau (Guitars on all except 6)
Dean Parks (Guitars on 6)
Michael Fisher (Percussion)
Erik Hanson (Synthesizer Programming)
Reed Vertelney (Drum Programming on 6)
Rose Banks (Background Vocals on 1)
Jean Johnson (Background Vocals on 1)
Alfie Silas (Background Vocals on 2, 7)
Jeff Pescetto (Background Vocals on 5, 6)
Patti Henely (Background Vocals on 6)
Brenda Eager (Background Vocals on 6)

Track list :
1. Talk About It (Harlan Rogers, Lou Pardini, Jerry Hey & Abraham Laboriel)
2. We Know The Way By Heart (Lou Pardini & Roy Freeland)
3. Alegria (Abraham Laboriel)
4. Is It Too Late (Lou Pardini & Andrew)
5. Mistral (Abraham Laboriel)
6. We’re All In This Together (Lou Pardini, Jeff Pescetto & Reed Vertelney)
7. Come Share My World (Abraham Laboriel & Brenda Russell)
8. You Are My Love (Harlan Rogers)
9. Straight To Paradise (Lou Pardini, Meredith Marshall & Abraham laboriel)
10. Lyn (Abraham Loboriel)