Ambrosia / Somewhere I've Never Travelled (CD, 輸入盤)


2nd album was originally released by 20th Century Records in 1976.

Produced and Engineered by Alan Parsons
Executive-Producer : Freddie Piro
Recorded at Mama Jo's, Abbey Road Studios
Mixed at Mama Jo's, North Hollywood, California
Additional Engineer : Tom Trefethen
Mastered by Allen Zentz

Orchestrated by Andrew Powell (3, 8, 10)
String Arranged by David Pack (6)

Artwork (Pyramid Art And Production), Design, Calligraphy by Hogin McMurtrie
Art Direction by David Larkham
Photography by Ed Caraeff

Band :
Joe Puerta (Bass, Moog Pedals, Lead Vocals on 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, Background Vocals, Guitar on 5)
David Pack (Guitar, Synthesizer, Lead Vocals on 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, Background Vocals, Rhodes on 8)
Christopher North (Keyboards, Vocals)
Burleigh Drummond (Drums, Percussion, Bassoon, Vocals on 1)

Guest :
Daniel Kobialka (Violin)
Ruth Underwood (Marimba on 8)
Ian Underwood (Saxophone on 8)

Track list :
1. And... (B. Drummond)
2. Somewhere I've Never Travelled (D. Pack, J. Puerta)
3. Cowboy Star (B. Drummond, C. North*, D. Pack, J. Puerta)
4. Runnin' Away (D. Pack)
5. Harvey (J. Puerta)
6. I Wanna Know (D. Pacl, J. Puerta)
7. The Brunt (B. Drummond, C. North*, D. Pack, J. Puerta)
8. Danse With Me George (Chopin's Plea) (B. Drummond, C. North*, D. Pack, J. Puerta)
9. Can't Let A Woman (D. Pack)
10. We Need You Too (D. Pack*, Puerta)