Chicago VIII (ボートラ付紙ジャケCD, 日本盤, 2009年)


Originally released by Columbia Records on March 24, 1975.
<No. 1>

This CD was out on September 9, 2009 in Japan.
(Remastered in 2002 by Rhino Records : Release November, 2002)

Produced by James William Guercio
Recorded at Caribou Ranch, Nederland, CO, August – September 1974
Engineered by Wayne Tarnowski, Jeff Guercio, Mark Guercio
mixed by Phil Ramone

Cover Design by John Berg, Nick Fasciano
Artwork and Handwriting by Anthony Maggiore
Poster photography by Reid Miles

Band :
Terry Kath (Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Lead Vocals on 2, 5, 7, 9, Background Vocals)
Robert Lamm (Keyboards, Lead Vocals on 6, 8, 12, Background Vocals)
Peter Cetera (Bass, Lead Vocals on 1-4, 9, 10, Background Vocals)
Lee Loughnane (Trumpet, Background Vocals)
James Pankow (Trombone, Brass Arrangements)
Walter Parazaider (Saxophones, Flute, Clarinet)
Danny Seraphine (Drums)
Laudir de Oliveira (Percussion)

Additional Musicians :
Caribou Kitchenettes (Vocal Chorus on 6) <John Carsello, Donna Conroy, Laudir de Oliveira, Bob Eberhardt, Steve Fagin, Kristy Ferguson, Linda Greene, Lee Loughnane, Brandy Maitland, Katherine Ogden, James Pankow, Walter Parazaider, Joanne Rocconi, Richard Torres and Angele Warner>
Patrick Williams (String Orchestrations on 2, 7, 8, 10)

Track list : (Writer)
1. "Anyway You Want" (P. Cetera)
2. "Brand New Love Affair, Part I & II" (J. Pankow)
3. "Never Been in Love Before" (R. Lamm)
4. "Hideaway" (P. Cetera)
5. "Till We Meet Again" (T. Kath)
6. "Harry Truman" (R. Lamm)
7. "Oh, Thank You Great Spirit" (T. Kath)
8. "Long Time No See" (R. Lamm)
9. "Ain't It Blue?" (R. Lamm)
10. "Old Days" (J. Pankow)
Bonus Tracks (Rhino Reissue)
11. "Sixth Sense (Rehearsal)" (T. Kath) (Instrumental)
12. "Bright Eyes (Rehearsal)" (R. Lamm)
13. "Satin Doll (Live)" (Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Johnny Mercer) (Instrumental)