Blue Sky Riders / Finally Home (CD, 輸入盤, 2013年)


1st album was released by 3 Dream Records on January 29, 2013.

Produced by Peter Asher and Blue Sky Riders
Mixed by Nathaniel Kunkel
Mastered by Paul Logus at Taloowa
Associate Producer : Jesse Siebenberg
Executive Producer : Chris Stewart

Photography by Joshua Black Wilkins
Performance Photography by Allison Clay, Jeff Bouchard, Jonathan Schneider, Amy V. Poche, Carol Call Photography
Package Design by Frank Maddocks

Blue Sky Riders (All Vocals)
Kenny Loggins, Gary Burr & Georgia Middleman

Additional Musicians :
<Los Angeles Sessions>
Jesse Siebenberg
Tommy Brechtlein
Scott Bernard
George Hawkins, Jr.
Shem Von Schroeck
Peter Asher
Laura Mihalka
Rubin Salnas
Tom Ball
<Nashville Sessions>
Scott Bernard
Michael Rhodes
John Gardner
Mike Rojas
Rob Hajacos
Chad Jeffers
Dan Dugmore
Josh Matheny

Special Thanks to Joe Walsh

Track list :
All written by Blue Sky Rider except 3 by Blue Sky Riders and Richard Marx, 9 by G. Burr, Sam Tate and Annie Tate, 15 by K. Loggins and G. Burr
1. I'm A Rider (Finally Home)
2. How's That Workin' For Ya
3. Little Victories
4. Just Say Yes
5. Feelin' Brave
6. You're Not The Boss Of Me
7. Another Spring
8. Dream
9. A Thousand Wild Horses
10. I Get It
11. Say I Like It
12. Windeer Woman
13. As Luck Would Have It
14. You Took The Words (Right Outta My Mouth)
15. How About Now