The Freddy Jones Band / Waiting for the Night (CD, 輸入盤, 1993年)


余談ですが、バンド名にある「Freddy Jones」という人物はこのバンドにはいません。
このアルバムとはMarty Lloyd以外のメンバーは変わってますが、現在も活動中です。

2nd studio album was released by Capricorn Records on June 24, 1993.

Produced by Justin Niebank
Recorded at The Bennett House, Franklin, TN by Justin Niebank and Shawn McClean
Additional Recording at Hound’s Ear by Jim Demain
Mixed at Mastertonics by Justin Niebank
Assisted by Jim Demain
Digital Editing by Don Cobb at Georgetown
Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisc

Cover Construction by Gina Binkley
Photography by Jeff Frazier
Design and Cover Image Manipulation by David Harlan

Band :
Wayne Healy (Vocals, Guitars)
Marty Lloyd (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar)
Rob Bonaccorsi (Vocals, Guitars)
Jim Bonaccorsi (Bass)
Simon Horrocks (Drums, Programming, Cardboard Box)

Additional Musicians :
Tom Roady (Percussion)
Reese Wynans (Organ)
Justin Niebank (Keyboards)
Kathy Burdick (Background Vocals)

Track list :
1. Take The Time (S. Horrocks, W. Healy)
2. One World (M. Lloyd)
3. Colors Of The Light (R. Bonaccorsi, W. Healy)
4. The Puppet (M. Lloyd)
5. The Other Side (R. Bonaccorsi)
6. Dixie Dynamite (Brian Shader, S. Horrocks, W. Healy)
7. In A Daydream (M. Lloyd)
8. Crossing (M. Lloyd)
9. Night To Day (M. Lloyd, W. Healy)
10. When You Fall (Freddy Jones Band)
11. Late This Morning (W. Healy)
12. Crosscut Saw (R. G. Ford)

◎Discography◎ (Studio)
1. The Freddy Jones Band (1992)
2. Waiting for the Night (June 24, 1993)
3. North Ave. Wake-Up Call (1995)
4. Lucid (1997)
5. The Freddy Jones Band (2011)
6. Never Change (2015)