Bernie Chiaravalle / Mystery Of Love (CD, 輸入盤, 2005年)


3rd solo album was released by Bernoit Music on December 29, 2005.

Produced by Bernie Chiaravalle
Recorded at The Hideaway, Franklin, TN and Lubao Studios, Chatsworth, CA

Album Design and Additional Photos by Bernie Chiaravalle
Inside Live Photo by Gay Lynn Smith
Compact Disc Art by Monsieur Michael McDonald

Musicians :
* Bernie Chiaravalle (Lead & Background Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion)
* Chazz Frichtel (Bass & Acoustic Guitar on 8)
* Lanice Morrison (Bass on 3)
* Harry McCarthy (Drums on 10)

Track list :
Written by B. Chiaravalle (1, 3, 5, 10), B. Chiaravalle, Goodwin (2), B. Chiaravalle, Harris (4), B. Chiaravalle, Michael Mcdonald (6), B. Chiaravalle, Valente (7), B. Chiaravalle, C. Frichtel (8), B. Chiaravalle, Vezner (9)
1. Father And Child
2. Mystery Of Love
3. Tell Me What You Want
4. Lead Us Back To Love
5. I’ve Got My Reasons
6. Ready For Nothin’
7. Sad As It Seems
8. Standing In The Light
9. Next To You
10. Soulfire