Get Back Loretta / Over The Wall (サイン入CD, 輸入盤, 2006年)


1st album was released by Pacific Records in 2006.

Produced by Chris Hobson
Recorded (except 8) at Sounden Studios and Mixed at Proxy Studios by Chris Hobson
Recorded by Gabe Lehner (8) at Chavez Productions
Assistant Engineers : Colin Fairbairn, Mark "Robb" Robinson
Mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters

Band :
Steven Bradford (Vocals, Bass)
Kevin Martin (Vocals, Piano, Rhodes, Synthesizer)
Josh Cass (Electric & Acoustic Guitars)
Issac Cass (Drums)

Additional Musicians :
Chris Hobson (Synthesizer, Vocals)
Joey Bradford (Acoustic Guitar)
Gabe Lehner (Acoustic Guitar)
Ben Johnston (Guitar)
Craig Zarkos (Percussion)
Chris Covell (Trmpet)
Tiffany Weller (Flute)
Corrie Covell (Violin)
Erica Ereni (Cello)
Jason Collis (Handclaps)

Artwork and Design by Benjamin Martin
Photography by Jonathan Lewis

Track list :
1. When The Sky Is Falling (S. Bradford, K. Martin)
2. Over The Wall (S. Bradford, K. Martin)
3. Mr. Brown (S. Bradford)
4. The Future Of The Moon (S. Bradford, B. Johnston)
5. Dreams Got Scattered (S. Bradford)
6. Girlface (S. Bradford)
7. Gotta Believe (S. Bradford, K. Martin)
8. Pretty Song (S. Bradford, B. Johnston)
9. Ketamine (S. Bradford, K. Martin)
10. Mary Sunday (S. Bradford, K. Martin, B. Johnston, J. Cass)
11. It's Not Over (S. Bradford, K. Martin)