Jacob Huddén / A Lovely Day (サイン入CD, 輸入盤, 2015)


2nd solo album was released in 2015.

CD available :

Produced and Mixed by Jacob Huddén & Daniel Gese
Mastered by Hoffe Stannow at Cosmos Mastering

Album Cover Artwork by Jacob Huddén

Musicians :
Jacob Huddén (Lead & Background Vocals, Keyboards, Bass, Guitar, Percussion)
Gregg Bissonette (Drums)
Herman Matthews (Drums)
Stefan Wallberg (Drums)
Magnus Fritz (Drums)
Mathias Karlsson (Bass)
Sebastian Broberg (Bass)
Stefan Gndman (Guitar)
Joakim Sanden (Percussion)
Jonas Lindeborg (Horns)
Jonas Thander (Horns)
Jonas Wall (Horns)
Sheldon Reynolds (Background Vocals)
Andreas Aleman (Background Vocals)
Anders von Hofsten (Background Vocals)
Anna Nordell (Background Vocals)
Jenny Fall (Background Vocals)
Mitch Hiller (Background Vocals)

Track list :
All written by Jacob Huddén & Mitch Hiller
1. Hen Out Of A Feather
2. Girl I Wanna Make You Love Me
3. A Lovely Day
4. I Wanna Fly Like An Eagle
5. Freedom
6. We Should Be Making Love
7. Like Flowers
8. Girl For Sale
9. Dark Cloud
10. Starboy
11. Lean On Love
12. Totally Unhip


1. Se men inte röra (2011)
2. A Lovely Day (2015)