ABC / How To Be A . . . Zillionaire!


01. Fear Of The World [3:51]
02. Be Near Me [3:39]
03. Vanity Kills [3:29]
04. Ocean Blue [3:33]
05. 15 Storey Halo [5:35]
06. A To Z [2:50]
07. How To Be A Millionaire [3:35]
08. Tower Of London [3:39]
09. So Hip It Hurts [4:19]
10. Between You & Me [3:19]
11. Fear Of The World - In Cinemascope [4:40]
12. Be Near Me - Munich Disco Mix [5:27]
13. How To Be A Millionaire - Bond St. Mix [6:05]
14. Vanity Kills - The Abigails Party Mix [5:09]

Martyn Fry [Lead Vocal]
Mark White [Emulator II, Fairlight C.M.I., Synthesizers]
Gary Moberley [Fairlight C.M.I.]
Don Snow [Piano, Synthesizers]
Keith Leblanc [Beatbox Programming, Drums]
Brad Lang [Bass Guitar] on M2/4/10/12
Jackie Challenor [Backing Vocals] on M1/7~9/11/13
Maye Mackenna [Backing Vocals] on M1/7~9/11/13
Lorenza Johnson [Backing Vocals] on M1/7~9/11/13
Alan Carvell [Backing Vocals] on M3~5/10/14
David Palmer [Hi Hats] on M1~3/11/12/14
Guy Barker [Trumpet] on M3/14
Chris Whitten [Additional Drums] on M5
Skip McDonald [Guitar] on M8
David Williams [Guitar] on M7/13
Gary Moberley [Fairlight Guitar Solo] on M1/11

Produced by Martin Fry, Mark White
Engineered by Martyn Webster
Recording Engineer by Martyn Webster
Mixed by Julian Mendelsohn [M1/3~5/7~11], Martyn Webster [M2/6/12~14]
Assistants To The Engineer by Mark Stent, Paul Corkett, Dietmar Schillinger, Heff Moraes, Mike Drake, Paul Wright, Charles Harrowell
Mastered by Ian Cooper

M13: taken from "Zillionaire! (Bond St. Mix)" 12"EP [1984]
M12: taken from "Be Near Me" 12"EP [1985]

CD Edition, with 4 additional tracks