Shawn Colvin / Fat City


01. Polaroids [5:54]
02. Tennessee [4:21]
03. Tenderness On The Block [5:05]
04. Round Of Blues [4:47]
05. Monopoly [4:25]
06. Orion In The Sky [6:38]
07. Climb On (A Back That's Strong) [4:15]
08. Set The Prairie On Fire [7:01]
09. Object Of My Affection [3:53]
10. Kill The Messenger [4:36]
11. I Don't Know Why [4:37]

Shawn Colvin [Vocals on M1~4/6~9, Vocal on M5/10/11, Background Vocals on M9, Acoustic Guitar on M1~4/8/9/11, 6-String Acoustic Guitar on M6/10, 12-String Acoustic Guitar on M4/6/10, Electric Guitar on M4/5, Thigh Slaps on M2]
Larry Klein [Basses on M1/6/10, Bass on M2~4/8/9/11, Acoustic Bass on M5, Electric Guitar on M6, Keyboards on M1/4~6/8/10, Piano on M5, Organ on M4, Percussion on M3/4/10, Claps on M9, Sustainiac on M10, Drum Programming on M11, Background Vocals on M9]
John Leventhal [Acoustic Guitar on M7, Electric Guitars on M2/7, Bass on M7, Percussion on M7, Thigh Slaps on M2]
Larry Campbell [Pedal Steel Guitar on M1/2, Citern on M2, Fiddle on M2]
David Lindley [Lap Steel Guitar on M11, Weisemborn Hawaiian Guitar on M1, Bazouki on M9]
Richard Thompson [Electric Guitar, Solo Guitar] on M2
Stuart Smith [Electric Guitar] on M4/6/10
Greg Leisz [Pedal Steel Guitar] on M4/6
Chris Whitley [National Guitar] on M8
Jeff Pevar [Electric Guitar] on M11
Vinnie Zummo [Electric Guitar Solo] on M11
Bela Fleck [Banjo] on M2
Bill Payne [Organ] on M2/6
Booker T. Jones [Hammond B-3 Organ] on M3/8
Bruce Hornsby [Piano, Bckground Vocals] on M7
Kenny White [Keyboards, Background Vocals] on M11
Sammy Merendino [Drum Programming] on M11
Denny Fongheiser [Drums on M2, Additional Drums on M3]
Vinnie Colaiuta [Drums] on M6/7
Jim Keltner [Drums] on M8
Alex Acuña [Percussion on M1/2/9, Claps on M9]
Joni Mitchell [Percussion, Claps] on M9
Richard Hayward [Brushes On Guitar Case] on M9
Mary Chapin-Carpenter [Background Vocals] on M7
Valerie Carter [Background Vocals] on M7
Fonzie Thornton [Background Vocals] on M11
Curtis King [Background Vocals] on M11
Mitt Grayson [Background Vocals] on M11
Robin Batteau [Background Vocals] on M11
-The Subdudes-
Tommy Malone [Electric Guitar on M3/9, Slide Guitar on M3, Slide Guitar Solo on M9, Vocals on M3]
John Magnie [Accordion on M3/9, Vocals on M3]
Johnny Ray Allen [Bass] on M3/9
Steve Amedee [Tambourine Drum on M3/9, Vocals on M3]

Produced by Larry Klein, John Leventhal [M1/2/7], Shawn Colvin [M5], Kenny White [M11], Darid Kahne [M11]
Engineered by Dan Marnien
Additional Engineering by Roger Moutenot, Ted Spencer, Joe Barbaria, Geoff Keehn, Steve Addabbo, Michael Golub, Bob Dawson
Assistant Engineers by Julie Last, Axel Niehaus, Noah Baron, Yvonne Yedibalian, Bruck David, Clif Norrell, Paula "Max" Goreia
Mixed by Dan Marnien [M1/3/5/8~10], Mike Shipley [M2/6], David Leonard [M4/7], Michael Brower [M11]
Mastered by Bob Ludwig