Sarah McLachlan / Fumbling Towards Ecstasy


01. Possession [4:39]
02. Wait [4:09]
03. Plenty [4:05]
04. Good Enough [5:03]
05. Mary [3:55]
06. Elsewhere [4:44]
07. Circle [3:43]
08. Ice [3:55]
09. Hold On [4:09]
10. Ice Cream [2:44]
11. Fear [3:59]
12. Fumbling Towards Ecstasy [4:50]
-hidden tracks-
13. Ice (Snippet Outtake) [0:25]
14. Possession (Piano Version) [4:00]
-Bonus Track-
15. Blue [2:50]

Sarah McLachlan [Guitars on M2/6, Guitar on M1/5/7/12, Acoustic Guitar on M8/13, Acoustic Guitar (Intro) on M9, Piano on M4~6/10/11/14/15, Vocals on M1~12/14/15]
Pierre Marchand [Bass on M2/3/5/6/8/11~13, Additional Bass on M7, Keyboards on M1/3/7/9/11/12, Piano on M12, 808 on M12, Fake B3 on M8/13, Drum Machine on M1/5/9, Percussion Machine on M4/8/11/13, Found Sound on M3, Shaker on M2]
Ashwin Sood [Drums on M1~4/7~9/13, Percussion on M8/13]
Lou Shefano [Drums] on M1
David Kershaw [Hammond B-3] on M1/2/6/9/15
Bill Dillon [Guitars on M9, Guitar on M1/3~5/7/12, Electric Guitar on M15, Bass on M9/15, Additional Bass on M7, Piano on M5, Guitorgan on M3/4]
Brian Minato [Bass] on M1/3/4/7
Jerry Marotta [Drums on M6/12, Percussion on M6/7/11]
Michael Dubeay [Sax] on M8/13
Guy Nadon [Drums] on M10
Jane Scarpantoni [Cello] on M11/15

Produced by Pierre Marchand
Recorded by Pierre Marchand
Mixed by Pierre Marchand
Additional Guitars Recorded by Roman Klun
Premastering by Nick Keca
Editing by Nik Keca
Mastered by Greg Calbi

M1: taken from "Possession" EP [1993]

Japanese Edition, with a bonus track, hidden tracks, and Japanese explanation booklet

M13: M12[5:22~5:47]
M14: M12[5:47~9:48]