Accept / Metal Heart


01. Metal Heart [5:23]
02. Midnight Mover [3:06]
03. Up To The Limit [3:47]
04. Wrong Is Right [3:09]
05. Screaming For A Love-Bite [4:05]
06. Too High To Get It Right [3:47]
07. Dogs On Leads [4:24]
08. Teach Us To Survive [3:33]
09. Living For Tonite [3:33]
10. Bound To Fail [5:06]

Udo Dirkschneider [Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals on M1/10, Harmony Vocals on M4/9/10, Fingersnapping on M8]
Wolf Hoffmann [Coral Electric Sitar on M1, 6-String Ovation Acoustic Guitar on M1, Gibson Flying V (Rhythm) on M1/2/5/9, Fender Strat (Rhythm) on M3/4/6~8/10, Squier Strat (Rhythm) on M7/10, Fender Strat (Lead) on M1/2/8, Fender Jaguar (Lead) on M8, Strings & Things Strat (Lead) on M1~3/6/7/10, Squier Strat (Lead) on M4, Fender Telecaster Thinline (Lead) on M5, Martin 6-String Acoustic Guitar on M10, Backing Vocals on M1/6/7/10]
Jörg Fischer [Gibson Flying V (Rhythm) on M1~10, Gibson Flying V (Lead) on M9, Fender Strat (Lead) on M4, Ibanez 8-String Bass on M3, Backing Vocals on M1/6/7/10, Fingersnapping on M8]
Peter Baltes [Charvel Precision Bass on M1~4/6/10, Fender Precision Bass on M5/7/9, Fender Jazz Bass on M8, Ibanez 8-String Bass on M1/8/10, Acoustic Bass on M8, Moog Taurus on M1/5/7/10, Backing Vocals on M1/6/7/10, Harmony Vocals on M2/5]
Stefan Kaufumann [Drums on M2~10, Tama Superstar Drums on M1, Meinl Cymbal And Gongs on M1, Timpanis on M8/10, Musser Tuneable Timpanis on M1, Tama Tech Star Drum Effects on M3, Backing Vocals on M1/6/7/10, Gang Vocals on M3]
Günter Richard [Besen] on M8

Produced by Dieter Dierks
Engineer by Gerd Rautenbach
Assistants by Mike Kashnitz, Peter Brandt
Mastering by Bob Ludwig