Linkin Park / Hybrid Theory


01. Papercut [3:05]
02. One Step Closer [2:35]
03. With You [3:23]
04. Points Of Authority [3:20]
05. Crawling [3:29]
06. Runaway [3:03]
07. By Myself [3:09]
08. In The End [3:36]
09. A Place For My Head [3:04]
10. Forgotten [3:14]
11. Cure For The Itch [2:37]
12. Pushing Me Away [3:11]

Chester Bennington [Vocals]
Rob Bourdon [Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals]
Brad Delson [Guitars, Bass on M3~8/12, Backing Vocals]
Joseph Hahn [Records, Sampling, Synthesizers, Backing Vocals]
Mike Shinoda [Emcee, Vocals, Beats, Sampling, Keyboards, Programming, Rhythm Guitar on M5/12]
Ian Hornbeck [Bass] on M1/9/10
Scott Koziol [Bass] on M2
-The Dust Brothers-
Michael Simpson [Additional Beats] on M3
John King [Additional Beats] on M3

Produced by Don Gilmore
Engineered by Don Gilmore
Additional Engineering by John Ewing Jr.
Pro Tools by John Ewing Jr.
Assistant Pro Tools by Mike Shinoda
Assistant Engineer by Matt Griffin
[Mixed] Engineer by Steve Sisco
Mixed by Andy Wallace
Mastered by Brian "big Bass" Gardner
Digital Editing by Brian "Big Bass" Gardner

M2: taken from "One Step Closer" EP [2000]