Shawn Colvin / Whole New You


01. A Matter Of Minutes [5:07]
02. Whole New You [4:01]
03. Nothing Like You [3:14]
04. Anywhere You Go [3:34]
05. Bonefields [4:29]
06. Another Plane Went Down [5:35]
07. Bound To You [3:33]
08. Roger Wilco [3:55]
09. Mr. Levon [4:08]
10. One Small Year [4:08]
11. I'll Say I'm Sorry Now [2:21]

Shawn Colvin [Vocals, Guitars]
John Leventhal [Guitars on M1/2/4~10, Bass on M4~7, Banjo on M10, Keyboards on M1/2/4~10, Piano on M11, Percussion on M1/2/4~10, All Instruments on M3]
Shawn Pelton [Drums on M1/2/4~10, Percussion on M1/5/6]
Joe Bonadio [Drum Fills, Percussion] on M5
Michael Rhodes [Bass] on M1/2/9/10
Joe Quigley [Bass] on M8
Tony Garnier [Upright Bass] on M11
Sandra Park [Violin] on M1/2/8
Fiona Simon [Violin] on M1/2/8
Robert Rinehart [Viola] on M1/2/8
Alan Stepansky [Cello] on M1/2/8
Eileen Moon [Cello] on M1/2/8
Tony Kadlek [Flugelhorn on M5/9, Trumpet on M7]
Larry Farrell [Trombone] on M5/7/9
Rick Depofi [Piccolo on M7, Recorder on M7, Tenor Sax on M7, Clarinet on M10/11, Bass Clarinet on M10/11]
James Taylor [Harmony] on M5
Charlie Sexton [Harmony] on M8
Marc Cohn [Background Vocals] on M5
Kenny White [Background Vocals] on M5
-The LBO Strings- [Strings] on M10

Produced by John Leventhal
Recorded by Tom Schick, John Leventhal
Mixed by Bob Clearmountain
Additional Recording by Matt Kane, Rick Depofi, Dave Boucher, Fred Remmert, Noah Simon, Gina Fant-Saez, Craig Bishop
Assisted by Todd Parker, Adam Odor
Binary Manipulation by Rick Depofi, Tom Schick
[Mixed] Assisted by John Kalodner
Mission Control by Lisa Arzt
Mastered by Bob Ludwig