Duran Duran / Thank You


01. White Lines [5:31]
02. I Wanna Take You Higher [5:05]
03. Perfect Day [3:50]
04. Watching The Detectives [4:47]
05. Lay Lady Lay [3:52]
06. 911 Is A Joke [3:59]
07. Success [4:05]
08. Crystal Ship [2:51]
09. Ball Of Confusion [3:46]
10. Thank You [6:35]
11. Drive By [5:34]
12. I Wanna Take You Higher Again [4:25]

Simon Le Bon [Vocals]
Nick Rhodes [Keyboards]
John Taylor [Bass]
Warren Cuccurullo [Guitar]
Steve Ferrone [Live Drums] on M1/8
Terry Bozzio [Live Drums] on M7/10/11
Tony Thompson [Live Drums] on M2
Roger Taylor [Live Drums] on M3/4
Abe Laborial Jr. [Live Drums] on M5/12
Anthony J. Resta [Live Drums on M1/5/6/9/12, Additional Programming]
Mele Mel [Rap] on M1
Grand Master Flash [Turntable] on M1
Curtis King [Backing Vocals] on M2
Tessa Niles [Backing Vocals] on M3/4
Maxanne Lewis [Backing Vocals] on M9
Mark Volman [Backing Vocals] on M7
Howard Kaylan [Backing Vocals] on M7
Lamya [Backing Vocals] on M1/2/11
Lee Oskar [Harmonica] on M2/4
Jonathan Elias [Moog] on M8
Bruce Dukov [Violin (Concert Master-Solo)] on M11
Ron Folsm [Violin] on M11
Armen Garabredian [Violin] on M11
Henry Ferber [Violin] on M11
Berj Garabedian [Violin] on M11
Joy Lyle [Violin] on M11
Michelle Kikuchi-Richards [Violin] on M11
Maria Newman [Violin] on M11
Pamela Goldsmith [Viola] on M11
Scott Haupert [Viola] on M11
Suzi Katayama [Cello] on M11
Mark Tinley [Additional Programming]
Anthony J. Resta [Additional Programming]
-Grand Master Flash And The Furious Five-
Grand Master Flash [Backing Vocals] on M1/2
Keef Cowboy [Backing Vocals] on M1/2
Melle Mel [Backing Vocals] on M1/2
Kidd Creole [Backing Vocals] on M1/2
Scorpio [Backing Vocals] on M1/2
Rahiem [Backing Vocals] on M1/2

Produced by Duran Duran, John Jones [M5/12]
Engineering by Ken Scott, John Jones, Tony Taverner, Avril McCintosh, Steve Churchyard
Mixes by Anthony J. Resta, Bob St. John [M1/2/6~9/12], David Richards [M3], Jason Corsaro [M4/10/11], Tim Palmer [M5]
Additional Production by Anthony J. Resta, Bob St. John, John Jones
Additional Engineering by Anthony J. Resta, Bob St. John, John Jones
Production Coordination by Colleen Donahue-Raynolds
Mastered by Tim Young

M3: taken from "Perfect Day" EP [1995]