Portishead / Roseland NYC Live


01. Humming [6:37]
02. Cowboys [5:02]
03. All Mine [4:02]
04. Mysterons [5:44]
05. Only You [5:20]
06. Half Day Closing [4:12]
07. Over [4:13]
08. Glory Box [5:37]
09. Sour Times [5:21]
10. Roads [5:50]
11. Strangers [5:20]

Geoff Barrow [Decks on M1~5/7~11, Drums on M6]
Beth Gibbons [Vocals]
Adrian Utley [Moog on M1/6, Guitar on M2~11]
John Baggot [Keyboards]
Jim Barr [Bass]
Clive Deamer [Drums on M2~5/7~11, Percussion on M6]
John Cornick [Trombone] on M1/3/5/11
Dave Ford [Trumpet on M1/3/11, Flugel Horn on M5]
Will Gregory [Oboe on M1, Baritone Sax on M3/5/11]
Andy Hague [Trumpet on M1/3/11, Flugel Horn on M5]
Ben Waghorn [Alto Flute on M1/5/11, Alto Sx on M3/11, Tenor Sax on M5]
Nick Ingman [Conductor] on M1~8/11
Jeffry Carney [Bass] on M1~8/11
David Finck [Bass] on M1~8/11
John Miller [Bass] on M1~8/11
Stephanie Cummins [Cello] on M1~8/11
Susie Katayama [Cello] on M1~8/11
Jesse Levy [Cello] on M1~8/11
Carol Paisner [Cello] on M1~8/11
Alfred Brown [Viola] on M1~8/11
Harold Colette [Viola] on M1~8/11
Susan Follari [Viola] on M1~8/11
Olivia Koppell [Viola] on M1~8/11
Israel Chorberg [Violin] on M1~8/11
Richard Clark [Violin] on M1~8/11
Natalie Cummins [Violin] on M1~8/11
Katsuko Esaki [Violin] on M1~8/11
Joyce Hammann [Violin] on M1~8/11
Ashley Horne [Violin] on M1~8/11
Regis Iandiaro [Violin] on M1~8/11
Joanna Jenner [Violin] on M1~8/11
Byung Kwak [Violin] on M1~8/11
Carmel Malin [Violin] on M1~8/11
Joel Pitchon [Violin] on M1~8/11
Carol Pool [Violin] on M1~8/11
Pamela Porta [Violin] on M1~8/11
Anthony Posk [Violin] on M1~8/11
Lenard Rivlin [Violin] on M1~8/11
Andrew Stein [Violin] on M1~8/11
Belinda Whitney-Barratt [Violin] on M1~8/11

Musical Directors by Adrian Utley, Geoff Barrow
Produced by Portishead, Erik Lloyd Walkoff [M10], Geoff Barrow [M9/10], Adrian Utley [M9/10]
Front Of House by Dave McDonald [M1~8/11]
Monitors by John Ormesher [M1~8/11]
Live Audio Engineer by Keith Grant [M1~8/11]
Engineers by Ian Huffam, Rik Simpson [M1~8/11]
[Recording] Engineered by Oystein Halvorsen [M10], John Neilson [M9]
Backline Technicians by John Thompson [M1~8/11], Huw Williams [M1~8/11]
Concert Sound by Andy Taylor [M1~8/11], Jeff Hoffberger [M1~8/11]
Audio Recording by Dave Hewitt [M1~8/11], Sean cClintock [M1~8/11], Phil Gitomer [M1~8/11]
Concert Production Assistant by Georgina Bennet [M1~8/11]
[Post-Production] Engineered by Rik Simpson [M10]
[Post-Production] Assistant Engineer by Paul Read [M10]
[Mixed] Engineer by Rik Simpson [M9]
[Mixed] Assistant Engineer by Paul Read [M9]

Recorded Live at The Roseland Ballroom, New Yyork City, NY, USA, July 24, 1997 [M1~8/11]
Recorded Live at The Warfield, San Francisco, CA, USA, April 1, 1998 [M9]
Recorded Live at Kristiansand, Agder, Norway, July 3, 1998, for The Quart Festival [M10]